How to Change No70 - Eye of Basir Language

1- Enter to game
2- Click to "AYARLAR"
3- Scroll the mouse wheel on "Turkish" language
4- Alternate: Up-Down arrow keys on "Turkish" language

That's all...

How to Fix Syberia 3 Freezing Problem

These solutions solves loading error, freezing and audio stuttering problems in Syberia III.
On Windows 10;

Solution 1;
1- Open Syberia 3 (don't start the game),
2- When open the game, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and when "Windows Task Manager" pops up, then go to "Details",
3- Then right click Syberia3.exe, click "Set Priority",
4- Choose "High",
5- Close Windows Task Manager and return to game.

Solution 2;
Re-set your system date to 6 months ago.
This works with some machines.

Outlast 2 Cheats

We up the battery duration, battery number and bandage number with these cheats.

Firstly enter the game save location; "C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Outlast2\OLGame\Config", 

Open the OLGame.ini file, find these strings and replace with following values:


NOTE: Cheats for Normal difficulty, you can edit for Hard or Nightmare difficulty if you want.