Dead Space 3: Chapter 13 Spider Boss

If you can't pass Spider Boss on Chapter 13, this is solution:

1- Open Settings,
2- Open Visuals,
3- Change these settings:
    resolution: 1024x768 60Hz
    vsync: off
    display mode: windowed
    graphic quality: low

If you take same issues on the next chapters, try to change above settings, it may works.


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Anonymous said...

it works, thanks.

Mustafa Buğra AKTAŞ said...

you're welcome


thanks dude ....................

Anonymous said...

I did this and then when I got to the part where you tap "F" I started tapping "F" but it never did anything, why is that?

divya pratap said...

Hey Guyz ..!! I came across to fixed all Dead Space 3 problems like -- CHAPTER 9 (Snow truck E doesn't appear ,which let us to jump from that) , CHAPTER 13 (Boss fight- Snow Bug always break free and keep attacking, it must splitt into 2 pieces) etc...
So back on point how ?
(1) :-- Set your game graphics to 1024*768 , vsync OFF , Windowed fullscreen , quality low. APPLY
(2) :-- Now, PRESS Window button on your pc/laptop keypad , Unhide your folder and option (Control Panel).
(3) :-- Now, Go to C:/user/User name/ appdata/local,EA games/Dead space3/system
(4) :-- Now, (its an Important part**) CORRECT all options from true to false, and set all digits 2 to 1 , and window.height to 480 and window.width to 640..... SAVE IT.
(5) :-- Now, click dead space 3 icon , now your game will resume up
(6) :-- turning on the harpoon generator pressing [F] continuously for 3-4 times , lure snow bug to the harpoons(laser area) , then go towards the (whatever you call that rotator box or something else) PRESS [F] continuosly for 15-20 times . then the snow bug might escape from that 1 time but do again this time it will gonna cut into 2 pieces.....
revert your game graphics setting after save when you successfully pass chapter 13 :: from game menu itself..

finally Njoy Game :)

Mustafa Buğra AKTAŞ said...

Thanks divya pratap

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. It helped. Keep on the good work. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey thnk you all soln worked

Anonymous said...

Divya, at step 2 what do you mean to unhide folder and option?